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vrf FW: arbot Configuring/changing Access Databases from VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 8, 2004
>> I think it's just a matter of time before ZIPs will be allowed again.
> I sure hope so!
>> What's IT gonna do then, block ALL attachments???

Apparently the answer to the last question is that email gets shut down.

Testech is hosted on and either they're getting really
persnickety or there's some huge problem (they say there is not). Between
yesterday and today I've missed at least two threads. I sent an ArBot
request over an hour ago (that LPT1 request gave it fits & I'm attempting to
find out why). I saw it come in and it answered in 15 seconds, but I'm still
waiting for the reply to Testech! Clearly, Ameritech, there is definitely
some massive problem with your POP3.

So in the mean time I'll be working on the ArBot request submission page at and beefing up the archive with missing VRF messages.

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