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vrf Excel and localisation

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jun 14, 2004
Helolo list,
maybe someone got the same problem and did not find the answer , as many
others - mainly the english version excel user- did not have it.
There are some Excel-examples in VEE which did not run on for example german
excel machines.

The main problem was the different localisation:
Here is the code:
    ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "=Tabelle1!Z10S1"
    ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(2).Values = "=Tabelle1!Z15S41:Z156S41"
which runs in the german version- the english version has "Sheet1" instead
of "Tabelle1" and  "R10C1"-Row, Colomn, instead of Zeile, Spalte.

The interesting thing is now the following:
The macro recorder in the german version uses R and C, and if i run the
macro within Excel, it is working.
If i use Vee with the code put in a formular box, i have to use Z and S

but if i run Vee with starting an Excel data sheet with integrated macro,
and start this macro like described by Greg before, i have to use Z and S
also !!
If i run this macro from Excel, it want to have R and C....  Interesting ,
isnt it ? It is the same macro !

What is the cause of this ? Does it have different language sets, if i start
the macro from Excel or start from VEE (which starts the macro in Excel )?

I think this is sometimes a problem which will occur on non-US machines
.....with getting frustrations ;-(

Is this problem limited to Excel 97 ?
Any suggestions - beside always using english versions ?

This problem also occurs in VXE....

Best regards,
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