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vrf dynamically allocate scoped variables

Question asked by scott_morrison on Sep 12, 2001
Hi Stan,
     I saw another way of dealing with this recently.  I was working with
a group that stores all it's fixed size data/parameters into aptly named
fields of a record (which is then stuffed into a global variable for access
throughout the program).  Differing output data arrays were then generated
within the program, stuffed into fields of another record, and then the
Merge Record function appended the previously declared record with the new,
on-the-fly data arrays.  Seems like a clean way of handling it to me.

Scott Morrison
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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 12:24 PM
Subject: vrf VRF: dynamically allocate scoped variables

Is there any way- short of programmatically modifying the VEE source
program-  to dynamically allocate a scoped variable?

For instance, I can create a scoped variable RECORD and turn one of it's
fields into an array , but then am required to at that time specify
an array size.

Would like to be able to specify this array size at runtime.

It should be noted that a scoped variable matrix does not require
a size to be specified, so it can be set at runtime.

so - any ideas?



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