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vrf VEE & sound card: acquiring continuous data

Question asked by jo.deloor on Jun 21, 2004
Hello all,

We have build a set-up using the sound card audio input, where we want
to do some processing on the incoming audio signal.
It is important that we can capture the data over a long period, e.g.
24 hours, and without missing any samples.

Did anybody of you ever succeed to acquire continuous data from the
sound card within Vee (e.g. mmsystem.dll API)?
I have found FreeView dll but it seems it can only read blocks of
samples, resulting in the loss of data between 2 blocks.

Any help or examples are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Jo De Loor
Test engineer

Newtec Cy
Laarstraat 5
B-9100 Sint Niklaas

Tel: +32 3 780 65 00
Fax: +32 3 780 65 49

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