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vrf Embedded VEE.IO file

Question asked by rsb on Jun 21, 2004
> I brought a VEE (6.2) program from one computer to another computer.  Both had an NI GPIB card and an 8594E Spectrum Analyzer.  The analyzer address that I created the program on was 1518.  The analyzer address on the destination system was 1519.  I used VXI PnP commands to setup the analyzer and DIO to retrieve the display trace.
> I cannot get the program to work on the new computer and SA.  The VXI commands I get an error indicating GPIB1 cannot be found.  IO configuration does not show GPIB1 in the unit, only GPIB0.  Therefore it errors out with an ibfind for GPIB1.
> What is causing this problem?  Is it because of the embedded VEE.IO file?  If so, is there a way to disable an embedded IO file (maybe writing over it)?

Sounds like the embedded IO to me. Just determine the correct
settings for the second system then edit the VEE program with
an ASCII text editor (NOT Word) and change the settings as needed.
Sounds like a "1" changed to a "0" will get you almost there.

Be very careful to not modify any of the syntax.


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