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vrf Can the M series of libraries communicate with a generic USB device?

Question asked by papineni_vinod on Jul 2, 2004
The IO Libraries come into the picture when it is USB to "something"
converter, where the something is a port supported by IO libraries
(example: GPIB, RS232, LAN). Otherwise VEE would talk to the device
directly, using a dll/ActiveX?


--- "STREET,ANDY (A-England,ex2)" <> wrote:
> Hi Simon et al,
> I might be missing something here, but VEE/Agilent IO Libraries are
> happy talking via serial to a USB-RS232 converter.  I have a cheap
> LINDY USB-RS232 - I plugged it in and Windows handled the
> installation of the USB hardware.  Lo and behold, another COM port
> was spawned.  I could then use this COM port as if it were a COM port
> residing on the PC.  It was a painless experience.
> Now, VEE to 'generic USB' is a different story.  I think any
> peripherals such as memory sticks, LAN cards, IO converters on USB
> should be straightforward - Windows will handle them and present them
> to VEE/IO Libs as resources to be used e.g. memory stick will be
> handled by Windows file management so VEE simply asks OS to write
> file XXX to location YYY etc.  But a generic USB device/using the USB
> as an IO port is a different story altogether....
> Andy
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> Sent: 02 July 2004 08:39
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> Subject: [vrf] RE: Can the M series of libraries communicate with a
> generic USB device?
> Hi there,
> I am looking into this as well!  I need Vee to be able to communicate
> with
> via USB to RS23 converter. I require this for the speed. I have been
> looking
> for a while but cannot find any USB to RS232 converters with active x
> control etc etc...
> Anyone got ideas
> Simon 
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> Sent: 01 July 2004 16:24
> To: VRF
> Subject: [vrf] Can the M series of libraries communicate with a
> generic USB
> device?
> Hello from Gregg C Levine
> (Pardon the format! I am at a customer so I am away from my normal
> accounts!
> Can the current series of libraries communicate with a generic USB
> device?
> Not the USB to HPIB device, or any of the instruments, but one of
> those FTDI
> devices, such as "DLP Design has PC boards with a PIC and FTDI's USB
> chip."
> (Quoted from the USB pages at )
> I remember an ealier discussion which revolved around a family of
> enabled devices, and I was urged to use the gizmos from FTDI, as
> opposed to
> a serial solution using the RS232 standard.
> My ultimate goal is to have VEE talking to breadboarded hardware via
> either 1.1 or 2.0, via those parts. Gregg C Levine

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