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vrf VEE7 and Imported UserFunctions

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 14, 2004
> Ahh, silly me. I'll try again in a few.

Well yes it does allow me to edit the formula, but the changes don't
propagate back to the original library. No doubt it's a consequence of using
a more standard window. Notice that these formula text windows are now class
WindowsForms10.RichEdit20W windows. Notice also that the "W" means "WIDE",
aka UNICODE. I see the Window Proc is subclassed though. Probably this was
simply overlooked - the editing formulae in imported functions that is. I
guess you could call it a bug. You wanna enter it?

> 75% of the computing world is in serious trouble

NBD. It was just spyware. Not very sneaky though. Anyway it appeared to show
up after I did the latest updates, but it turns out it came from a few days
ago and it didn't activate until I rebooted. Funny that AdAware didn't find
it though.

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