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vrf reading Vee datasets into labview

Question asked by rsb on Jun 29, 2004
"Daenen Tom" <> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> currently I'm trying to import stored data from a Vee program into Labview.
> This data is in the "dataset" format which labview doesn't recognise.
> I could make some kind of low-level parser (in Vee?) and convert it to a
> format that is know by labview (XML?). There are nested records in the
> datasets.
> What would be the best solution to tackle this?

As with writing to anywhere, you have two choices
(1) make receiver understand what is sent.
   In this case write a routine in Labview to read in VEE records
   and create appropriate data structures. Very regular syntax
   so should be easy to parse.
(2) send data in form that receiver wants
   In this case find out what sort of data structures Labview would like
   to see and then use the output formatting capability in the To File
   to write your data in format that Labview wants.

No idea which of these two would be easier- would depend upon
your familiarity withthe two tools and the sort of data you have.

Technically there's a third alternative ( translator ) but in this
case there would seem no reason to write a translator.



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