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Question asked by panyuanl on Jul 14, 2004
   i am a fresher here. these days i am using the 54622D oscilloscope for a
project. i use the RS232 interface. i want to get datas from the scope. but
these days i meet so many questiones. please give me help, thanks a lot
   following are my questiones:
1: how to create a AgtIOManager and AgtIOServer object?
   i tried as the examples in AgtIOUtils.pdf, but the system report that
some methods or events are not components of that object. i can find these
in the list of this object. why does this happen?  how to deal with it?
2: how to get datas from the scope memory?
   the biggest number of datas in the samples are 2000, if i want to get up
to 1M or even more datas from the scope, what should i do for this? such as
how to set the oscilloscope? how to set the VEE program? by the way i use
the RS232, the speed is limited. for that huge number data transimission,
what should i do?
   thanks for any respondence.

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