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Improvement infiniium MSO9404A ...

Question asked by secureasm on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2012 by secureasm

I have one Oscilloscope MSO9404A of which I am very happy.

Sorry for my poor english.

I would suggest an improvement to the software developers. In very old oscilloscope Agilent (es: 54642D) the Voltage level and Time Base were anchored respectively to the GND trace position (for Voltage) and Trigger position (for Time Base). In the new software (eg: 3.50.0003 and earlier) the anchor is the center of screen (X and Y) for both Voltage Level and Time Base. This behavior is not the best in my opinion. The trigger is not always in the center of the screen, can be positioned at right or at the left. If you move a Time base (decrese time base for zoom in), the trigger disappears from the screen and are forced to use horizontal scrooll to search the trigger. If the time base was anchored to the trigger that does not happen. The same applies to Voltage level.

Another change is the trigger position. At center is ok, but right and left is not good. The position for right and left should be a picture before the end of the screen and not at the extreme right or left. If you make the zoom at that point you do not see the beginning of the sequence but only the trigger point.

What do you think ?