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vrf Installation/Uninstallation problems

Question asked by VRFuser on May 6, 2004
> I've been a bit stupid and managed to
> get my computer extremely confused.

You don't need to be stupid for that to happen
Somehow I manage to confuse mine nearly every day. Holy ****! Maybe I'm

> 1) How did I manage to do this!

I'd say it's not really your fault. It's just that the installer has run
across something Agilent didn't anticipate. Or at least the situation isn't

> 2) How can I fix it so that I can Modify or Repair the installation?

I don't really know for sure, but I would delete your VEE directory, your
SICL directory and any aux dirs (like P&P & soforth). Don't forget to check
your startup folder and your AllUsers startup folder. Then search the
registry for all occurrences of "VEE" as keys, names and values. Delete them
all. Then go back and try your installation from the CD again. It should run
as a virgin installation.

I'm not guaranteeing this will work you see. It's just what I'd do. It may
take restarting your machine once to unload some automatic stuff. The IO
manager comes to mind (this is started by AllUsers Startup). You'll get an
error stating that so and so folder cannot be deleted because it isn't
empty. Whatever is left over is something that can't be deleted because it's
in use. Delete everything else, restart and then delete what wouldn't go

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