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vrf Viruses, Firewalls and vrf on "Hold"

Question asked by bwalden on May 11, 2004
Hi Folks,

I received the following a few days ago from "Lyris ListManager"

> This email message is to notify you that your membership to vrf
> has been put on "hold".

> This means that you will not receive mail from 'vrf'.

> Your subscription has been held because at least 5 recent messages have been
> either bounced by your email system, or could not be delivered at all.
> ......
> Note that if your email address continues to reject mail your subscription will
> once again be "held".

As you might expect, my incoming mail must pass through a firewall and
this is what's causing the rejections.  I looked at the "rejected
message" list (103 messages in the last 5 days) and I can't see anything
that the firewall appears to have done incorrectly.  In fact, at least
2/3 of the rejects definitely contained viruses.  I don't know what
world the "Lyris Listmanager" is living in but refusing "5 recent
messages" has got to be "normal and expected" for most of us.  Also, I
wonder how the "ListManager" actually determines that a given message
was really sent by one of us and shouldn't have been rejected.

Unfortunately, I can't determine what vrf messages were rejected - the
list I looked at had only one obvious vrf sender.  In general, our
firewall is not happy with .exe attachments (at the moment) but I rarely
see these with vrf messages (all rejected?).  So, apparently, there is
nothing I can do to prevent getting kicked off the vrf in the future
and, even if there was, loosening our firewall because it rejected 5
questionable messages doesn't seem too bright.


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