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vrf UDP Connection

Question asked by ptarso on May 5, 2004
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"><HTML><HEAD><TITLE>UDP Connection</TITLE><META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1400" name=GENERATOR><STYLE></STYLE></HEAD><BODY bgColor=#ffffff><DIV><FONT size=2>Hi Gary</FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT size=2><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">Check SocketWrench activeX.</DIV><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">They have a freeware version that is well documented and<BR>includes a good  "help"  function.</DIV><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">I have used it a lot and it works fine for TCP and UDP.</DIV><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><BR><BR>Check their site at<BR><A href=""></A><BR> Regards,<BR><BR> Paulo de Tarso M. Bastos</DIV><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"> </DIV><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">Star One <A href=""></A> </DIV><DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">Embratel - Brasil</DIV></FONT></DIV><DIV><FONT size=2></FONT> </DIV><DIV><FONT size=2></FONT> </DIV><DIV><FONT size=2></FONT> </DIV><BLOCKQUOTE style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">  <DIV   style="BACKGROUND: #e4e4e4; FONT: 10pt arial; font-color: black"><B>From:</B>   <A   href="">Fitting, Gary E</A> </DIV>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>To:</B> <A   href="">VRF</A> </DIV>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>Sent:</B> Wednesday, May 05, 2004 9:40   AM</DIV>  <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"><B>Subject:</B> [vrf] UDP Connection</DIV>  <DIV><BR></DIV>  <P><FONT face=Arial size=2>Newbie looking to get started using UDP   sockets.  Where do I start?  </FONT></P>  <P><FONT face=Arial size=2>Gary E. Fitting</FONT> <BR><FONT face=Arial   size=2>Lockheed Martin</FONT> <BR><FONT face=Arial size=2><A   href=""></A></FONT>   <BR><FONT face=Arial size=2>817-777-0597</FONT> </P>---<BR>You are currently   subscribed to vrf as: <A   href=""></A><BR>To subscribe   send a blank email to "<A   href=""></A>".<BR>To   unsubscribe send a blank email to "<A   href=""></A>".<BR>To   send messages to this mailing list, email "". <BR>If you need   help with the mailing list send a message to   "". </BLOCKQUOTE>---<BR>You are currently subscribed to vrf as:<BR>To subscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To unsubscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To send messages to this mailing list,  email "".  <BR>If you need help with the mailing list send a message to "".</BODY></HTML>