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E4405b power level trigger

Question asked by nexy_sm on May 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by nexy_sm
Hi all guys,

I am dealing with E4405b Spectrum Analyzer (SA), here at faculty lab. Unfortunately there is a lack of help here so I have to ask you a few things.
I want to set my SA to trigger at certain power level, for example, I am monitoring spectrum that is 1MHZ arround 868.65MHz center frequency, and I am expecting my transmitter to send some signal at some point in time. The SA should trigger as soon as it detects given power level in that spectrum, and to freeze picture (something like single sequence with oscilloscopes). I was working once with 50kg high end spectrum analyzer and those kind of measurements were set-up in a 10 seconds, but here se kind of complicated or it is even not posible.

Thank yo and hope somebody is able to help me.