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vrf USB Question

Question asked by aufenanger on May 18, 2004
At the moment I am looking to read some data from one USB-instrument without
USBTMC protocol. As I understand USB it should be very easy. Looking for all
connected instruments on USB and then read information from the oune you are
interested in.

Of course there should a solution with windows kernel dll's but there are a
lot of struct variables and so implementing in VEE ist a lot of work. So I
was looking for the Agilent VISA COM USB 1.0 Type Library. But I can find
nothing for help. No help file ans no help stings in function and object

Does anyone have documentation about this library?
Do anyone know if I can handle low level USB-handling with this library?
Or does anyone has some other dll's to handle low level-comands?

Very best regards
B. Aufenanger

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