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VNA Uncertainty Calculator Program - Installation Problem

Question asked by SOLT_guy on May 12, 2012
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Dear Sir:

      I initially attempted to post this message in the discussion forum but for some reason my first message was not recorded.

      This message is my second attempt to post this same message.    I apologize if this message turns up again on your website (duplicated query) but my first attempt to post this message was not recorded in the discussion forum in a timely manner (messages are usually instantly updated in the post forums and I don't know why this post did not update immediately).

      Anyway, this is the problem:

I downloaded and installed an Agilent VNA Uncertainty Calculator program on two separate computers.   This is the webpage address of the program:

I opened the EXCEL file, UncertTest.xls, and I attempted to select a network analyzer and I received the same error message:

VNAUncert.DLL not found.

I can see where this *.DLL file is located in both installations (these are two new installations of this program, so no prior  *.DLL installation history could exist) (edited sentence typo error).

The runtime error numbers were different for my two different PC O/S set ups.

XP:  Runtime Error 53

Vista:   Runtime Error 48

Can you please help me configure my system so I can get this program working? 

Thank you for your courtesy and I look forward to reading your reply.

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