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vrf Please can someone explain this?? Enum selection

Question asked by VRFuser on May 20, 2004
Message text written by "Simon Parfitt"
>I am trying to take the output of one list box and use it as a Enum
values for another box. But unless you convert the Enum to text the whole
list is input to new box. Two examples are shown. The enum values need to
cleared from the sec list before you run the functions.  simon<

Well, that is interesting Simon, but not that odd.  As you know, VEE has
lots of different 'containers' as intelligent ways of passing data around -
and here you have passed on an Enum which has an ordinal number of that
selected, hence your 'target' list shows the whole list ( the Enum ) with
the correct value selected ( the ordinal value ).  Pretty darned neat, if
you ask me.

To do what you want, try putting the Enum through a formula


Mike Watts


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