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vrf XY Trace Object with 26 Traces?

Question asked by bill.ossmann on May 17, 2004

You could use a Matlab plot. You can change the line color and style using
the set() function. See handle graphics object properties in the Matlab
Help Desk.

h=plot(x)              %plots a 2D array as separate traces, returns a
vector of handles to the lines in h
set(h(1), 'color',...,'linestyle',...'linewidth',...)   %sets the
properties for the first trace
set(h(2),'color'...)    %sets the properties for the second trace

Or to set up the line styles in advance:
hf=figure   %Creates a figure window
ha=axes  %Creates axes in the figure
set(ha,'colororder','.....','lineStyleOrder','....')  %Sets default
properties for traces drawn on the axes
plot(x)    %Plots a 2D array.

See the Matlab Help Desk for more details
Bill Ossmann
Philips Ultrasound

Dear Vrf,
I need an XY trace object with 26 traces. The regular XY trace allows only
12 traces. I tried to multiplex all 26 channels into a single trace but it
did not help because each trace should be clearly distinguished from the
others by color or something else. Any suggestions?

Omer Akbas
Arcelik, Istanbul

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