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vrf Matlab not running with VEE7.0

Question asked by rsb on May 13, 2004
"Kjell Ring (KI/EAB)" <> wrote:
> Hello!
> I have problem with running matlab with VEE7.0 .
> I have matlab version 6.0 release 12 installed on my computer, and after i
> installed VEE7.0
> it didn't work to run the matlab vee examples. Error message: "Could not start
> MATLAB Script Engine (-3)".
> I had the same problem with VEE6.1 after installing matlab on my computer (it
> worked before i installed matlab).
> Does anyone have any suggestion?
> /Kjell

When I have seen this happen it is due to registration of the ActiveX
interface of Matlab.

try bringing up a command line
cd over to wherever you have VEE 7 installed

cd matlab inwin32
.matlab /regserver

That should register the Matlab engine that comes with VEE and
get you up and running.



Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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