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Save data in .csv on remote agilent oscilloscope Agilent MSO8104a

Question asked by szewan62 on Mar 31, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by algoss
I am writing Labview automation to remotely operate Agilent MSO8104a on LAN. I intend to get the oscilloscope to capture the data and save the data into .csv format so that I can proceed to transfer the data via LAN into my local machine for analyzing. I do not intend to get the data real time on my local machine.
I am using the labview plug and play driver. I have checked on the tree but do not see any setup related to capturing the data into .csv format. I can do real time but I really dont want to jam up my network over this.
Appreciate if you can give a suggestion and point me to the function to achieve this.