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vrf DLL's and header files

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 3, 2004
Hi Graeme. Sorry ArBot was late yesterday. You found another bug that I'll
be fixing this morning

> #undef FUNC_DECL

This section you can ignore. All it does is determine whether the project
being compiled is going to import or export functions. VEE will always be

> BOOL C843_FUNC_DECL C843_STE(const int iId, char const  cAxis, double

Oh, bummer! This is basically:

int __stdcall C843_STE(int iId, char cAxis, double dOffset);

The problem is char. VEE won't do char and you can't use UInt8 either.
Depending on what the dll was compiled with you might be able to get away
with calling it an int though. One speed optimization is popping 32-bits for
all parameters and masking off those bits not needed - it's faster than
popping smaller chunks like 16 or 8 bits.

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