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vrf HP5373A Modulation Domain Pulse Analyzer

Question asked by VRFuser on May 13, 2004
Hi all,

I use the HP5373A Modulation Domain Pulse Analyzer to measure a PSK-Signal.
The MDPA is controlled over HP VEE.

First the program configures the MDPA.
Then, when the MDPA is waiting for a trigger, I close some relais and the
trigger-event occurs.
The MDPA displays the data and till now everything is fine.

But I dont get the MDPA to send me the data with the I/O-driver.

I can`t use the panel-driver because not every setting can be stored before
the measurement and
due to these settings, which default settings are different then the ones I
need for the measurement,
the MDPA loses the data I want to have.

Can somebody tell me how to get the waveform-data out of the MDPA into my
PC with the I/O-driver?



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