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vrf DLL's and header files

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 4, 2004
Shawn Fessenden wrote the following:

> Who's the vendor? The param cAxis has me
> thinking of motion control but I don't recognize it so it's not MEI.

1 point to Shawn!  Motion control it is.  Its Physik Instrumente of Germany, and
I'm doing a favour for a colleague who isn't too hot on Vee (yet!).

> In general you shouldn't have a problem calling the dll. Even if calling the
> char param an int doesn't work then you can always create a wrapper dll that
> accepts parameters from VEE and passes them along to the other dll in their
> proper sizes. The code is really simple:
> BOOL DllExport Call_C843_STE(int iId, int cAxis, double dOffset)
> {return C843_STE(iId, (char)cAxis, dOffset);}

Thanks, I keep exploring the boundaries of what I know about VEE and its
interactions with other environments etc...

Thank heavens for the vrf!

Graeme Hilton
Product Engineer

Schlumberger Sensa

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