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vrf NI PCI-5911 Communication

Question asked by rsb on Jul 29, 2004
"mer Akba" <> wrote:
> Dear Vrf,
> I might have to use a PCI based NI PCI-5911 digitizer card in one of my
> upcoming projects. How do I make VEE 7.0 and this card talk to each other? In
> general, how do I use VEE with PCI based hardware?

In general most any hardware vendor for PCI cards will provide
a driver of some sort. Most common seems to be a DLL. VEE
will access the card by calls to this DLL. If old-style
DLL's then this will use the Compiled Function capability.
If more modern you'll use COM or .NET.

Some vendors will also supply higher-level drivers which may
or may not be usable with VEE.

So- see what sort of drivers are available for your card.
Most likely you'll be using COM, .NET or function calls.



Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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