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vrf FW: AW: Do you use .NET in VEE?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 6, 2004
Well, ya see, this makes life easier for a vee programmer.  That is, future
vee ought to be totally .net, except it'll be graphical.  Then we have, hard
coders using .net script, and gui coders using vee gui.  Now if you out-run
NI ...


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> Oops didn't quite finish that message.

Gads! I got a ton of those too.

> For me, the major problem is the flat nature of the Win32 API.

Personally I wish it was a whole lot flatter.

> For me, it is easier to guess where something might be from a smaller
> set of names (namespaces) vs. the thousands of functions in the WIN32
> API.

Egads! I'm on the opposite side of this too. My biggest hurdle to learning
MFC was it's hierarchy. Were it not for the fold-out wall chart, I'd have
been lost. I see the FCL in the same light: yet another (and different)
hierarchy, yet another artificial view.

> Well Longhorn hasn't shipped yet and anything can happen between now
> and  then but that is their current plan of record.

I may hope all I want, but I think this *will* come to pass soon. Originally
it was what was considered "common hardware" that killed the COM api. This
time around, nearly every serious developer has at least > 2GHz P4. Except
me of course But then I'm not really serious.

Thanks for the link. I haven't been watching current developments lately.
Too much denial!

> The question is whether you feel you are getting good return on the
> speed you give up.

My own answer is no, but I'm not John Q. Programmer. For VEE's target
audience, the answer will definitely be yes - as soon as we can all wrap our
heads around the hierarchy. With few exceptions, I don't think we as a group
are under the impression that we can cut hardware corners with software. At
least I hope not! Instrumentation is a lot less expensive than development

> Yeah not everybody is ready to take the red pill. Sorry, The
> Matrix reference there.

Waitaminute! Didn't you mean blue? Sorry, Valium reference there!

> Anyway, my whole point in all of this is that of all the different
> technologies coming out of Redmond, I wouldn't write this one off
> right away. I think using VEE together with .NET can be very powerful.

It's component aspects (that which I have been focused on - um, in a "in my
spare time" sort of way - for almost a year now) are certainly much better
than COM. And it's a godsend for scripting. There are aspects that I really
abhor though. These mostly have to do with MS's planned commercial ".NET
Services" exploits. As much of their original plan has not come to pass, I
have a "wait and see" attitude.

As far as the VEE community is concerned, yes, it's going to be wonderful.
We don't need to be that concerned with speed, and that front will improve
with time anyway.

For those of us who were Windows programmers to begin with, it stinks to see
years of learning get flushed, but It's not like it hasn't happened before.
Most of us were DOS programmers at one time too.

I still plan to focus primarily on the CFI, so those of you who get stuck
with that can still count on me for help and advice. I'll experiment with
the new way as I work through my books, but it won't really be a priority.

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