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vrf ProgID and Error 444

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 31, 2004
> Any thoughts? BTW.... this server works fine with the VB sample
> code he comes with.

Hmmm, are you sure it's ActiveX? Unless it supports IDispatch it's COM only
and you'd have to use VEE 7's COM wrapper to use it. Open the .NET Assembly
References dialog and click the COM tab. Look for the server in the list.
Check it and click OK, then check the objects you need and click OK. Then
they'll be listed in the Function & Object Browser under .NET/CLR Objects.

The general form for a ProgID is LibName.ObjectName - I think the old
message mentions that.

What does the VB code that creates the object look like? Probably using New
huh, otherwise you'd be able to pick up the ProgID from that. If you have
Ole View (oleview.exe) you can use that to find out everything there is to
know about the server. Under the Object Classes category, it might be best
to look in COM Library Objects first. There are usually hundreds of objects
listed and finding one can be a hassle.

The old ProgID finder performs one of the many, many functions of Ole View.
Ole View is like a super duper Registry organizer oriented to COM objects,
libraries, type libraries and interfaces. It's really *very* helpful, though
difficult to understand at first. It kind of overloads you with information.
If you've got VC++ then Ole View is installed. Look under Visual Studio
Tools. If you don't have it, it's part of the free Platform SDK download (a
massive beast). Again under Tools, here it's called "OLE-COM Object Viewer".

The Platform SDK can be had at:
(one line)

>From there you can download either individual SDKs or download the whole
thing. On the dark blue "places" bar under the word "Platform" at the top of
the page, hover over "Downloads" and click "Full Download". The full
download is like 326M. When extracted, it runs over 1.4GB but you get all
kinds of goodies, including the next most recent compiler, all the header
files, debuggers, symbol files... Everything basically except VC++.

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