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vrf Windows Patch problem - Oh Happy Day!

Question asked by bwalden on Jun 18, 2004
Hi Folks,

My previous message on this subject indicated that installing some of
the most recent MS security patches broke my applications using
GreenLeaf serial port ActiveX objects.  Since then I have done some
research and found the problem.  Fortunately, its a lot easier to fix
than it was to find.

First, the culprit patch was KB835732 which seems to be a big one,
addressing a number of issues.

What I found was that my code frequently called the port Open() function
for a port that was already open.  Before the patch this was allowed and
caused no problems.  Its allowed after the patch also and still does not
cause an error.  However, after the second call an unspecified error
will occur when any other GreenLeaf function tries to use the port, i.e.

For what its worth, I reported my difficulty to GreenLeaf technical
support and still haven't heard a peep out of them.


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