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Bug in 86901B SCPI interface when Triggering a Record on IF Magnitude.

Question asked by Sparky on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by DaveHornbeck
As stated I have some inconsistency in using the SCPI interface.

I had to change my [working] scripts to trigger on IF Magnitude rather than TTL signal, while our team figured out how to re enable the TTL trigger out.  SO I n the meantime i got the IF magnitude setup, but the TM framework is constantly dieing.  What I noticed is that  *OPC? is returning +1 even when there has not been a trigger and record event.  Since version 14.xx has removed the much better *STB? I can no longer use this to confirm a record has completed.  OPC is not working.  So when the scripts plow on to attempt to dump the demodulated bits the 89601B dies with an array sizes issue.

Anyone else noticed this?

I've been letting windows post the error logs to MS or agilent, not sure where it goes but its hammering someone's inbox.

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