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vrf Dynamicaly set record field names...???

Question asked by rsb on Jun 21, 2004
"Alexander Poulikakos (KI/EAB) <> wrote:
> Hi
> Is there any way to set record fields names programicaly
> in VEE? This had me going crazy for a while, As I really
> wanted to set record field names dynamicaly.
> I found out a way to do it, but it's kind of dirty. Is there any better way?
> See attached VEE 6.03 program.

The std method is to create a dummy record then change the name
of the field as needed. This looks like what you have done.

You can also just create a record in the first place
with a "to String" but then that becomes fragile since the
syntax could change slightly and the record would be invalid.


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