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ADS Equation Editor

Question asked by rfengineer on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by henry
I want to design an LC resonant circuit at 841 MHz. Thre is an infinity of L-C-values-combinations that yield the desired resonant frequency and I don't like to try every possibility and see the impact on my matching circuit. So I used the Equation Editor in the "PLC"-Button (under "Lumped Components") as follows:

1) C value tunable from 1 pF to 50 pF
2) L value through equation editor L=1/(C*(Pi^2)*(841Mhz)^2)  [Remember that f=1/(2*Pi*SQRT(L*C))]

Now when I simulate I don't get reasonable results. In the smith chart the point @ 841 MHz should not move when I tune C but it does.

Anyone has some experience with Equation Editor please help me.