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vrf Reading a vbscript object in Vee

Question asked by phakluytt on Jul 12, 2004

Sorry for the delay.  It has been a busy period at work for me.

The files you sent me were exactly what I was needing to get me started. 

Another question though:  Are there any lisencing issues with any of the
files you sent me ( i.e. for the .dll file)?

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Ok, for those who were wondering what I meant by:

> Of course, you can always create a general purpose iterator in
> VB to iterate any object collection with For Each Next on behalf
> of VEE and use that.

here it is. I was too lazy to create a WriteAndReg function for the
Automation Library so you'll have to register the library yourself (with

This library is capable of converting "VEE Unfriendly" collections such as
the FSO Folder.Items collection into a "VEE Friendly" collection that VEE
can iterate with an index parameter to the Item method of the returned

Naturally, this will only work for collections that support the _NewEnum
method (most do). For those of you whose mail systems strip things you can
find the whole download package at:

The zip contains two zips: ObjItVB is the VB source project that implements
the ObjIt Automation Library and ObjItVEE is the VEE demo. The VEE demo
assumes the Microsoft Scripting Runtime library is available.

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