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vrf How can I set path in HOME variable in VEE?

Question asked by rsb on Jul 6, 2004
"Alexander Poulikakos (KI/EAB) <> wrote:
> Hi
> How can I programically set the HOME environment variable in VEE?
> I use VEE 6.03.
> Let's say I would like to set the HOME variable to this:
> C:my_veeconfig
> What would be the best way to do this?

You appear to be asking two questions:

(1) how to set path- presumably to specify a VEE IO config when you
    start VEE.

    best way to specify an IO config is the command line option

    vee -veeio <my IO file>

(2) how to set an environment variable. That depends upon the scope of the
    variable you want to set.

    If you want VEE to open a shell and have HOME set within that
    shell, then basic command line is fine. Use a Run Program
    with command

    set HOME=C:my_veeconfig

    If you want this _before_ starting VEE then use the same line
    in a small script
    set HOME=C:my_veeconfig

    If you want VEE to set you system's variables then you'll want a system
    call as they are stored in the registry.

from your original note I suspect that you are trying to specify
an IO file, in which case (1) above works great.



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