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vrf VEEs are not found /Screenshot --- E4406A

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jul 1, 2004
Hello Yong,

you do misunderstand something...this answer belongs to a Screencapture from
the PC-Display.
Regarding your question i just can say:

Have a look at under downloads.

There is a sample program available which shows how to communicate  to a
It is using  Direct-IO Commands. Normally you read out the datas from the
Spectrumanalyzer and make your own diagram then. ( Which can be the same as
your SPek-Screen of course)

I do not know if your Spectrumanalyzer do have an easier way of built in
function to dump the screen, sorry.

There are also tons of examples available in the example folder of VEE7 !

best regards,

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But the image/screen is on the instruments so how do we program using VEE to
capture the image from the display of the E4406A to the VEE program,
Benchlink software provide the Image function which we can capture the image
from the instrument after we made a measurement.

Warm Regards,

Kwang Yong

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Incidentally how did you capture the screenshot?
Gregg C Levine

hello Greg,
making a screenshot is a built in windows function...but it is not well
known ;-(

Press the Print  ( Or Druck ) button. That captures the actual sceeen.
Then go to a paint program like MS-Paint and insert it via ctrl- V  or via
insert menu.

If you need better capture facility there are some extra programs available
like Hypersnap DX.

Best regards,

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