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Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jul 9, 2004
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2005 by VRFuser
Do not know if that helps, but....
Under winXPpro there is the openfiles.exe command which shows what user
opens what file. You even can quit sessions of other users if you are admin.

I just got the magazine here, so there are some other useful commands of
interest maybe:

Systeminfo.exe for 2k and XP,

Mountvol.exe for 2k and XP,

Assoc.exe for 2k and XP to maintain the file-extension things

FC.exe for 98-XP for file comparison,

Reg.exe for 2k and XP to have a mighty tool for the registry,

Lexpress.exe for 98-XP for filecrunching deluxe ,

Netsh.exe for networkconfig....

Just to name a few,

Best regards,

And what the hell is Luluville?

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