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vrf Null ActiveX object's

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 11, 2004
Egads! I'm wrong!

The details of this problem have some important implications so I put some
more effort into digging up an answer.

There is a KB article that explicitly states that out-of-process servers
*do* use RPC. I still say that's ludicrous, but oh well. If that's the way
it works then, K!

So I guess the error is correct after all. Apologies. For years I've been
under the impression that only DCOM (or COM+) would touch the RPC system.

So, the easiest explanation for your error is that Excel *did* crash, and
this error means "the server that RPC was communicating with is unavailable"
rather than "there's something wrong with RPC".

Make Excel visible and make sure alerts are on (Application.Visible = True,
Application.DisplayAlerts = True) and let it crash. It should display an
error message giving you some idea why it crashed. Hopefully!

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