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Question asked by antti.suhonen on Oct 11, 2004
There are some info and some examples available, maybe it helps:

Have a look for clCSVfile and clVOL.

These samples were also part of an Agilent VEE Days - example-distribution
package under User Resource site...
dont know the actual Agilent link now, sorry....

Otherwise you can read and write via Excel directly, and there are some
functions in .net of course

best regards,

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Von: Mike Groves []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2004 06:07
Betreff: [vrf] RE: Help me with CSV file (Demon)

Yep, VEE is kind of dumb that way. You have to read in each line as a
string, then use a separate routine to parse it. Several folks have posted
pre-made parsing routines to the VRF in the past. Perhaps the archives could
turn up one you can use.

Along that line, I don't like the way VEE strips off "white space" from the
front of any string you read in either. Really sucks when you have data
carefully formatted the way you want, only to see it screwed up when read
in. Skips over blank lines too. Instead of just inserting a CR/LF when it
sees one, you get nothing. I'm not sure why it can't work more like Notepad.

These are gripes of mine that I thought I would throw out one more time. In
all fairness, I noticed a LOT of items in my old "gripe list" were addressed
in VEE 7. To that I give my thanks. I would think that reading CSV files
"correctly" could be a pretty easy fix (or toggle, like Excel) to throw in
VEE Future.

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From: Carlos Jimnez []
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 4:25 PM
Subject: [vrf] Help me with CSV file (Demon)

Hi, Vrf Group

I have proble to try read CSV file (Events_4_10_2004.csv), from EXCEL I can
read, but from VEE I can't. I solved the problem filling space between the
commas with zero, but this I do opening first it the file with EXCEL.

Best Rgard,

Carlos Jimnez
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