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vrf I/O bottlenecks (Was: We want to entertain you for Thanksgiving.)

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 13, 2004
Hi Graeme,
I would like to know if there are Agilent I/O Libs installed on the scopes WinXP and if you
have the possibility to install VEE. If so, you could use VEE's profiler for a direct compare
of the execution times.

I you say TCP/IP is implemented as SICL Lan or VXI-11 protocol, the Instrument string
should look like
TCPIP0::<scope_ip>::gpib0,8::INSTR which means the GPIB interface will be used

Am I wrong ?

Best regards

Betreff:             Re: I/O bottlenecks (Was: We want to entertain you for
Von:                 Graeme Hilton <>
Datum:        Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:34:59 +0100
Antwort an:          Graeme Hilton <>

> Shawn Fessenden wrote the following:
> > Well that's twice now it's been echoed back to the whole **** list. Anybody
> > wanna go for three?
> I'll leave that for someone else.  I'm sure Scott and Nicole will be jumping
> down the throat of Mr Mike Kugler, or his ISP, very shortly.
> You never know, we might all get a free Thanksgiving dinner
> Onto my problem of the day.  I'm running a data capture program on an Agilent
> scope (8353A for those that are interested).  The program runs in two modes.
> One mode captures 32.8 million data points off one trigger and then does some
> number crunching.  The other mode captures between 100 and 500 data points on
> every trigger.  I would like this second mode to run as fast as possible (within
> the limitations of Windows XP).
> The limitation at the moment seems to be getting the data off the scope memory
> and into the program.  The runtime program runs on the scope (it's a scope with
> WinXP as the operating system.  The program uses the TCP/IP address to talk to
> Agilent's Scope program.  I also have the option of using GPIB, but I reckon
> that TCP/IP is faster (100Mbps on TCP/IP vs 750kbps on GPIB).
> Ideally I suppose it would be fastest to talk directly to the Scope program
> through some API, but I doubt Agilent are going to let that one out of the bag.
> If anyone has any ideas on how to acheive maximum data transfer rate, feel free
> to tell me!
> --
> Graeme Hilton
> Product Engineer
> Schlumberger Sensa

D 12359 Berlin - Neukoelln
Tel.: +49 30 689 05 - 4819

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