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vrf VFR How to pass a buffer to compiled lib function?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 18, 2004
> Would anybody happen to have any interesting VEE
> program examples utilizing barcodes?

Well no. But I can say that there are a couple different scenarios. Pretty
much any printer can come up with these things, but either you need a funky
font or else it gets kinda difficult. Sometimes you can get stuck in the
middle with a "half-and-half" proposition. Some printers can shift into
barcode or normal print (they basically have a bunch of different barcode
fonts on board) so all you have to do is send an escape sequence, a code for
the encoding you want to use and then alphanumerics.

> I would also like to use an old 'cue cat',
> but don't have the drivers - any help there?

Maybe. I have one of those things though it hasn't been out of the junk box
in a while Let me see if I can find the cd. I probably have it somewhere.
Scanning is a pretty simple proposition. There are your serial scanners and
keyboard wedges (they look and act like a keyboard). I'm sure there's all
kinds of USB & other stuff now. If I remember correctly, the cue cat was a
keyboard wedge.

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