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vrf help(topic, filename)

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 15, 2004
Thanks Lyle.

It's a CHM file I want to use so your example is great.   I thought I had
tried what you suggest yesterday with no success but I must have copy and
pasted wrong or something because it didn't work.  However, today following
your input it works fine! 

Thanks again.


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Subject: [vrf] RE: help(topic, filename)

I was able to get the help function to work with a .chm file. I was able to
find the topic to enter by opening the help file, right clicking on the help
page, select properties, and using the Address (URL) entry as the topic. I
used the PNA help file as my test file and the example uses this. It appears
most of the topic is the path and filename of the help file with an added
internal reference to the .htm original source code. You could find this out
for each topic you would want to link to.

I know on the older .hlp files when they were created each page was given a
unique keyword that ended up being the topic. But it appears compiled html
works very different.

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Subject: [vrf] RE: help(topic, filename)

> Can anyone advise me of the correct syntax to use for the "topic"
> section of the help(topic, filename) function in vee 7.0?.

I don't know! I just tried a few things and nothing works. All the
documentation I can find on the probable base function(s) gives:


helpArg is a Variant "that specifies a string or integer that indicates a
context identifier in a Help file."

In the "old days" a topic was always a numerical identifier that you had to
know in advance. I assume the "string" can be a string that's mapped to an
identifier. There used to be an optional "map" section of the help project
file that declared links between numerical identifiers and RTF topic tokens
in the file. I guess this is something of the same sort.

So basically, I *think*, unless you compile the help file this is not real,
um, ... helpful?

According to a brief review of the MSDN Library it still does work pretty
much the same way as it used to. You can find out everything you want to
know here (all one line as usual):

Yes, it pretty much does look like you have to have inside information in
order to use this help() function. On the bright side, making an .hlp file
is not all that difficult. I'm sure making a .chm is not difficult either
though I don't know anything about that.

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