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vrf ProgID and Error 444, Modbus

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 1, 2004
Well ok,

If you're set on interrupting your code, one could set an error and build an
error response routine to accommodate cal.  Thing is, where do you place the
error trap, at the key press?  Anyway, Som'n like that.


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> Cheers for that input but it does not seem to solve my problem.

Opposite problem, opposite solution Everything I added I left open.

Note however that the calibration thread is not back-mutexed to the test
thread. IOW if you're in the middle of a Cal you can still click Start. Just
add another global that monitors the state of the Cal thread and check it
before allowing the Start thread to continue.

This is a common problem and there's a kernel object explicitly made for
situations of this sort called a "mutex". Unfortunately that only works with
actual multithreading and it won't help with VEE.

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