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vrf USB to Serial

Question asked by antti.suhonen on Aug 16, 2004

Hi all,

Had the same problem with bitrate, Agilent told VEE's limit is 230.4k. We
ended up obtaining FTDI's reference cable. With this, you can alias a
bitrate to something else, lessay get 921.6kbps but VEE and other programs
live in belief they are using 2.4k. . You
can also define divisor to get arbitrary (i.e not standard ones) bitrates.


>But I want to set the baud rate above 230400. This seems to be the limiting
factor. Now I am sure this
>They are made by Lindy(????) and Bytecc(GMUS-03).
>Now the Bytecc website claims that it will operate over 500kB/s but I
cannot seem to be able to set this.
>Does anyone have any experance with this converter?

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