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vrf Importing DLL's, passing by reference

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 18, 2004
> Token Format with "
" as the excluded token.

Er, excluded character. Well, I'm sure you know what I meant

Thanks to Shaun Trussler "C Programming 101" is back on-line, and there's a
section there that tries to explain what's going on with char* and char**. I
don't know if it does so successfully or not, but it's below the Type Table
(the second paragraph below NOTE 2). There's a drawing right below it that
tries to represent what char** means. The Type Table is directly accessible

All this stuff is backed up now too. I guess it only takes a moment's lapse
of concentration to let Front Page run amok.

I'm going back to working on the search stuff now. There may be happy news
about that before the day's over. It won't be completely finished, but it
will probably be back to some semblance of passing search data to the search
server & reporting parameters back to you.

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