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automating analysis

Question asked by mikejvir- on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 19, 2012 by mingal

  I believe I know the answer, but I just want to ask anyway.

  I use GeneSys to  de-embed S-parameters from an evaluation board.  I model the input and output circuits. Then read in the measured S-parameters.  The third circuit is for de-embedding (whiere I use NEG2 for the input and output lines)  which I then save this S-parameter file to disk.

For an amplifer this is not an issue, but for a digital or analog devices (Phase shifter or attenuator) this can lead beyond a few time (6 bits yields 64 files.

Is there some batch mode or scripting mode that can automate this process?
Can ADS do this?


Mike Virostko
HIttite Microwave