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vrf Importing DLL's, passing by reference

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 19, 2004
Shawn Fessenden wrote the following:
>>//The output should be "1=NOSTAGE
> Got it. The declaration is wrong. Use a single splat. On both Axes and
> names. What we have here is:
> int __stdcall C843_qVST(
>   [in]  int   iId,
>   [in]  char* szAxes,
>   [out] char* names,
>   [in]  int   maxlen);

The declaration is well messed up.  I eventually used:
int __stdcall c843_qCST(
     const int iId
     const char* szAxes
           char* names
     const int maxlen);

Now all I have to do is go through the 100 or so function declarations and fix
each one

Thanks for your help Shawn (and others).

Graeme Hilton
Product Engineer

Schlumberger Sensa

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