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vrf What's wrong with this simple formula box? or BUG again

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 18, 2004
If you need the Int32 constant to remain Int32, you cat change the required
type on the input pin A of formula A=A/4 from "any" to "Real" (just
double-click on the pin and select the desired type).  Another way would be
to place a "asReal()" between your constant and the A=A/4 formula.

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De: Iulia Popovici []
Date: 16 octobre 2004 12:19

It depends on the compatibility mode (Default Preferencies...) : under VEE5
it works correctly (output A+1 is Real) if the compatibility mode is VEE 3
(as in your program, not really up to date) or VEE 4 ; if you choose
Standard Compatibility Mode the output is Int32 so it doesn't work. Replace
the Int32 constant by a Real, and it will work. See attachments. But even
better, remake the program under the VEE version you want to use, VEE3 is

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From: Zafer  <> SAVAS
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Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2004 4:01 PM
Subject: [vrf] What's wrong with this simple formula box? or BUG again?

Can some please explain why the output is 1 instead of 1.5
Or another VEE BUG?

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