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vrf Command Line Start Options - Start In

Question asked by jgriggs on Aug 8, 2004
It looks like VEE is setup to do what I want.
However, I'm having a bit of trouble being as smart as it wants me to be...

Back to the beginning.
What I have is a test program file that resides in my test directory.
The path would be C:TestFinalTest0-36.vee
I would like to be able to start this in the C:Specs directory.
And I would like to use VEE 6 (both 6 and 7 installed).

This would be simple if I just wanted a desktop shortcut.
However, I would like to be able to start my program from a hyperlink from inside of Excel.
(This should be the same command line as if I were using the Windows 2000 Start/Run box, correct?)

So, I have tried to use the help file to manage this task.
It has lead me to a command line of:
"C:Program FilesAgilentVEE Pro 6.0vee.exe" -d C:specs C:TestFinalTest0-36.vee
This command line starts VEE and opens the program, but the start in path is "C:Program FilesAgilentVEE Pro 6.0"

I tried the command line of: vee -d C:specs C:TestFinalTest0-36.vee.
This opens VEE 7.01 instead of VEE 6.02 (even though VEE 6 is the default for opening .VEE files).
This version starts in P:
This is my home drive, if I go out to DOS and type SET.

So neither works as I expect.
Anyone have some helpful insight?

Jon Griggs

Test Engineer

Crown International
1718 West Mishawaka Road
Elkhart, IN 46517

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