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vrf 2D array from 1D array

Question asked by fukui.yutaka on Aug 9, 2004
Hey dudes and 'dudettes'

I could do with some input regarding ramping of the output current on a
agilent 6612C PSU.

I am currently using a panel driver, and basically triggering the output to
switch on or off after i have set the new current value field.

I am ramping my current from 0 to 1.6A in increments of 0.1A at the moment,
but i get bounce of my test device as i do this (due to it being spring
loaded). It seems as if in between each increment the PSU is dropping to
zero and then setting the new value, which moves my plunger rapidly.

In turn this causes my position sensor to loose its position.

Any ideas welcome, especially those involving ramping



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