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USB Communication via SICL, commands buffer full?

Question asked by terrytham on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by terrytham
Hello There

im using SICL library to send command to the unit continuously, 
somehow, i am able to repeat a list of command about 240-245 times, 
after that, the tester will not responding anymore, 
i need to switch off the tester and re-start again.

Is the tester buffer full ? or something i've missed? 
Commands as below:

"SYST:LFR F50Hz\n"
"VOLT:RANG R20V, (@1)\n"
"CURR:RANG R100uA, (@1)\n"
"SENS:VOLT:NPLC 0, (@1)\n"
"SENS:CURR:NPLC 0, (@1)\n"
"VOLT:LIM 20V, (@1)\n"
"CURR -10uA, (@1)\n"
"OUTP ON, (@1)\n"
"MEAS:VOLT? (@1)\n"
"OUTP OFF, (@1)\n"

I've tried iflush after every iwrite() and ipromptf(), no effect took. 
I've also tried *CLS command every finishing cycle, no effect took. 

Please enlighten me. 
Million Thanks