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vrf VEE 7.01 patch ---Firewall -Links with "Download" inside denied

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Aug 16, 2004
vrf version

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Betreff: AW: VEE 7.01 patch ---Firewall -Links with "Download" inside

Hello Scott,
my link looks like this:

There are a lot of other downloads where i do not have access because of the
string display_download&session_  etc.

And one other hint:

Do you ether try to find the adn without knowing about it?
Try to go as a rookie to and use the search with the string VEE.
I did not find it ...maybe there should be a hint at the right side where
all these nice infos about dapra and VEETV are....
And update your VEE Links session , these nice things at , preciselyso and the others. They are very useful....esp. for

And one other thing- are you interested in putting an evaluation version and
/ or the VEETV on a popular magazin CD-ROM ?
There are some magazines interested here in germany i believe !

best regards,

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Gesendet: 16 August 2004 17:27
Betreff: RE: VEE 7.01 patch ---Firewall -Links with "Download" inside

Hi Detlef and vrf,

> Hello Scott, maybe just a problem for me alone which i can
> overcome using
> other I.Net access, but our company firewall stops all links
> with the string
> "download" inside.
> MAybe your  Webmasters may change their long links without "download"-
> string inside sometimes to a more cryptic one ?

Sorry about this. I have never heard of such a problem before.

I do not see "download" inside the link for the 7.01 patch onthat page. From
the source of the page, the link is <a
2669312-7393626" class="highlightText" TARGET=""><B>Download</B></A> .

The word "Download" is just the display text for the link, though I suppose
it's possible it gets transmitted at some time during the transaction.

Of course, this link is probably redirected to another link that may contain
"download", though I don't know how to see that in Internet Explorer. I
guess I could try to manually emulate the download with telnet or something,
but I'm not sure I know how to do that.

Where are you seeing the string "download" that's being caught by the

Best Regards,

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