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vrf Agilent VEE TV - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 22, 2004
Hi vrfers,

Well, we managed to smuggle a spy into Agilent Studios (always kept under tight security, of course) and learn more about the second episode of Agilent VEE TV < >.

The second episode will be about MATLAB, what it's good for, how to use it, and how it'll make you more popular at parties. We don't know the release schedule for this episode yet.

As a ransom for our spy (she was caught by Agilent Studios security forces) Support had to promise to set up a multi-million dollar trust fund to reward the loyal VEE TV audience.

So as a result, we're offering a $50 cash certificate for each question from a VEE user that we use on VEE TV. Although anyone can submit questions, this offer is only being announced on the vrf. Check out the questions asked at the end of the first episode to get an idea of what kinds of questions we're looking for.

Send your questions to < >, be sure to mention this vrf posting, and don't forget, the second episode is about MATLAB. We need good questions!

Signing off,

Nicole "Natasha" Dierksheide
Scott "Bullwinkle (a.k.a. 'Boris')" Bayes
Software Technical Support and Investigative Agency

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